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Because the employees are the "gold" of the company.


Our Mission

Mission: To offer the best platform for employee development.

So simple - and yet so very complex.

But we have committed ourselves to this. And it is what we would like to be measured up against.


Our Vision

Vision: Dialogue develops - and improves management.

This, in short, is what we are aiming to do.
Through our contribution we will try to live up to the vision about the developing dialogue:

  • to make more managers good managers,
  • to make good managers better managers,
  • to make managers better at developing the individual employee.

The individual employee - at the center of attention.

Through dialogue. Because dialogue develops.

For the individual manager, the above vision means that he/she will experience
that good management leaves a positive and lasting effect on
the employees.
Good management - is also about proper management of Human Resources.
The employees will work better, perform better and they will experience a better
work environment.
Any manager owes this to his or her employees!

Our Values

Values: Honesty - Respect - Dialogue.

The human being is a unique creature. You need humility to have responsibility for other people.
Our company is based on a set of solid core values about the individual human being and his/her inherent potential for development and growth.
Human interaction for the good of the whole must be prioritised: Figuratively speaking, some people clear the field of rocks, others do the sowing and some do the reaping.
To us, terms such as Honesty – Respect – Dialogue are not only valuable terms. They are values that deserve to be at the foundation of any meeting between people. It's about ethics!

Our advice, information and training and our entire dialogue tool on Musskema.dk are permeated by this.
Take our word for it!

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