Courses offered by has many years of experience in teaching managers how to get more value from dialogues with employees about performance. We also offer courses in using our platform.

 We have a number of products on our platform, and you have the option either to learn about it all or to learn about the part(s) you use. offers



Kick-off course
- On your location
- By Skype

For those, who are new to

2 hours

1 hour

6,900 DKK + cost of transportation
2,500 DKK

Guidance from a consultant
We will give you input on how to optimise the use of and the configuration

2 hours

6,000 DKK + cost of transportation

Brush-up course
For those who need a knowledge update

2 hours

3,500 DKK + cost of transportation

Half-day course
For managers who want to optimise the value of their employee dialogues and to expand their knowledge of management theory

4 hours

9.500 DKK + cost of transportation

One-day course
The same as above, but here we dig a little deeper, work with cases, test it in groups and so on

8 hours

send an inquiry

Interpretation of diagrams
Developing one-to-one dialogue with a manager about how to interpret diagrams and action plans

1½ hour/manager

4,500 DKK + cost of transportation

Special requests
On your location. Duration by appointment 

Per 1 hour

1,595 DKK + cost of transportation

Support by phone
If you have any questions or need help with the configuration



All prices are excl. VAT and 2018 prices 

Satisfaction survey 
If your company wants to conduct a satisfaction survey, we can help you. Our assistance includes everything related to the distribution of the survey, agreed routing and the subsequent generation of reports and statistics. The report contains a collection of comments in an anonymous form. The standard price is 2,500 DKK + VAT per person per team.


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