offer courses has several years of experience with training managers in getting a better return from the EDP interviews. We also offer focused courses about the use of the system.

There are lots of ways to get updated about the entire package or about the parts of the package that you use.


  • A license the first year: 363€ (including 1 leader per team / department with up to 30 employees in 1 team) 
  • A license year 2 onwards: 295€


Cources and more. can offer your company the following

  • Kickoff course for up to 2 hours: 927€ + transport 
  • Kick-off course electronically via Skype with a consultant that provides a short kickoff review for a leader or more leaders gathered around a big screen, which includes the consultant's screen image: Approx. 1 hour - for a total of 463€ 
  • Visit by a consultant - to discuss options for improving your use of and its setup: 806€ + transport. Typically a couple of hours, and then you are flying! 
  • Brush-up course for 470€ For max 2 hours + transport 
  • Half-day course up to 4 hours: 1,299€ + transport 
  • All-day courses - write your needs to us, and we can give you an offer:  
  • Interpretation of graphs and the like: Developing one-to-one manager dialogue on interpretation of graphs and management action plan: 604€ for max. 1½ hours per leader 
  • Existing hourly rate, special assignments - after your average time when the hourly rate is 215€ + transport 
  • Telephone contact to Support, where you can discuss your setup and application via the phone: Free.  
  • Anonymous Well-being Study can also conduct an anonymous well-being-survey for you. It basically costs 336€ per team. Description of the process: If the customer wishes to conduct an anonymous satisfaction survey, we can offer to handle this. The customer must decide how many "departments" / teams you want to divide the survey into. We then offer to send, move once by deadline, compile a brief report per. department / team with graphs for the department / team and compared to the whole + collect possible. Comments in anonymized form per. department / team. The price is per. team: 336€  

  • All prices are excl. VAT and 2018 prices. 
Let us have a talk about your options Let us call you. We will quickly find a solution that fits your organization!