From a cumbersome duty to beneficial interviews

At First Hotel Grand Odense, they considered EDP to be a cumbersome burden which they did not get much value from. With all the practical details have become easy and the EDP interviews have begun to make sense.

From a cumbersome duty to beneficial interviews

Not something they were looking forward to. Didn't feel prepared. Considered it a cumbersome duty. Did it because they had to. Could not really see the purpose. Not follow-up on agreements. Bothersome and time-consuming. That is how they felt about EDP interviews at First Hotel Grand in Odense, says General Manager Lui Jensen.
But after they have begun using, they are talking about the EDP interviews in a rather different way: Fast and easy processes because they are all managed by a digital system. More quality and relevance in the interviews due to the employee entering his or her answers into the system a few days before the interview, giving the manager some time to prepare. Agreements are being kept because the manager and the employee write the minutes together at the computer during the interview. 

Much easier and much faster
The actual EDP interviews last as long as they did before, but digital management saves time and effort.
In a hotel that is open 24 hours a day, not everyone is at work at the same time and often they are not at work at the same time as their manager. A lot of employees don't work full-time and are not in each day. And this made the handling of EDP questionnaires on paper rather troublesome.

"With's online solution, it all works much faster. We can also see who hasn't answered, and with a quick click on the mouse, we can remind them to do so," says Lui Jensen.
As General Manager, Lui Jensen can also check if his Department Managers are following the plans for conducting EDP interviews with their employees.

Saves time
The writing of the minutes also saves time, as the manager and employee sit and write them together during the EDP interview.

"Previously, when I had written the minutes of an EDP interview, I had to send them to the employee who should agree that they represented what we had talked about. Now, we sit by the screen and write the minutes together, so the employee can let me know right away if it is written correctly. So, when we have finished the interview, the minutes have already been written and entered into the system. You don't even have to click save. They are saved automatically," says Lui Jensen.

An agreement is an agreement
An important point of the minutes is that they include all agreements.
"All the agreements that we make goes into the minutes. So there'll be none of that "let's talk about that sometime", without everyone knowing when and how. We both leave the interview knowing what is going to happen."

More quality in the interviews
When we used paper questionnaires for our EDP, the employees turned up for the interviews with their questionnaires, and the managers didn't know what they had answered. With, the managers have digital access to the employees' EDP questionnaires, so they can see the answers in advance. This has made the interviews better.

"We used to spend a lot of energy worrying about what we would be taken to account for, and we prepared for a lot of things that turned out to be not relevant at all. Now we can prepare for the right things - the things that are important to the employee - and if there is any criticism, I can think about it constructively beforehand. I have done my own thinking and made notes about what I want to ask about and what I would like to have elaborated further. This makes for a much improved EDP interview,” says Lui Jensen.

Something completely different
Lui Jensen has conducted EDP interviews for 12-13 years and tried a lot of different systems, but none as good as

" is something completely different. It has made everything so easy, so we can spend our energy on what is important –  developing our employees and the company."

Easy implementation and easy to use
Concerning the implementation, Lui Jensen says that they were taken by the hand all the way through, so it was all super easy. And the employees quickly found out how to use it:
”It is a really intuitive system. If you have been sitting in front of a computer, well, it just works."

Fast and efficient support
When there has been a need for assistance, it has been provided – quickly and efficiently.

"I don't think I've tried calling them without the phone being picked up before the second beep at the latest. Because it really is typical to sit there, 15 minutes before an EDP interview, thinking "Oh, how is it I do this and that?” So, it's great that they are available, and they are very good at telling us exactly what we should do.”

Even general feedback concerning EDP
Lui Jensen emphasizes that has not only provided support concerning the actual EDP system, but that the company has also given general feedback on how to conduct the EDP process.
" has shared some of their knowledge about how other companies conduct EDP interviews, and they have given us feedback on how we could do it better. That has made a big difference as well.”

" is something completely different. It has made everything so easy, so we can use our energy on what is important – developing our employees and the company."

Lui Jensen
General Manager, First Hotel Grand Odense
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