MacArtney A/S testimonial


Marianne Furbo, MacArtney A/S


MacArtney A/S, Esbjerg is an international company with branches in a number of countries, and they are one of the reasons why decded to create an English platform,, some years ago.

MacArtney A/S became a client of in 2011 and Marianne Furbo, Group HR Manager has this to say about her experiences with

  • is manageable and easy to use
  • and it works well in our organisation
  • it shouldn't be too complicated. And isn't!
  • great with historical data so the managers can get a year by year overview on their own page.
  • our experience is that listens to us and to our needs and requests
  • as HR Manager I use the charts to see, year by year, if anything has developed – or if a problem has appeared somewhere. And then I go into a dialogue with the managers about this.


" is manageable and easy to use!"

Marianne Furbo
Group HR Manager
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