Sick absence reduced by 54 full-time positions

Read here about how sick absence was reduced by 54 full-time positions by using

In recent years, Sønderborg Municipality has focused on improving the way they handled sick absence and on improving the well-being of their employees. 

Municipal Director Tim Hansen, Sønderborg:

The Social and Health Administration expressed a need for combining the municipal co-operation agreement ”God dialog om sygefravær” with an electronic tool for handling the dialogues.

The municipality already has a good working relationship with about employment development plans and meetings, and so it was only natural to involve Poul Langagergaard in the development of this.

”We have experienced a great willingness and professional qualification of our needs and ideas for developing an electronic dialogue tool. We needed a tool that could help all parties to remember when the sick absence interviews should take place according to the general co-operation agreement – days 1,5,14,28, and a tool that could create transparency in the agreements made by the employees and the manager during these interviews” says Tim Hansen, Head of the Social and Health administration in Sønderborg Municipality.

"The focused effort has been a great success, as the municipality has reduced sick absence by what amounts to 54 full-time positions, 25 of them in Social and Health."

Tim Hansen
Municipal Director, Sønderborg Municipality

”We are very happy with this development and we are happy that we were able to transfer our requirements into reality in cooperation with
We have performed an evaluation that shows, that the clear majority of those employees and managers, who have made use of Sick Absence Dialogue think that it has helped qualifying the interviews, that it is easy to use and that it is a positive development” says Tim Hansen.


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