The package from contains 9 modules - all included in the price!

Read below about the individual modules and how they relate to each other. You really get a lot in one package!
EDP The module supports the good dialogue in relation to EDPs and LDPs (Leadership Development Plans) - before, during and after the interviews!
  • Decide the questionnaire with scored questions and text questions
  • With a single click you invite your employees to answer the questionnaire
  • The manager prepares once the employee has submitted his answers
  • The questionnaire ensures a good structure for the interview
  • The minutes are written instantly
  • All agreements are dated and prioritised
  • The system automatically sends an e-mail to the manager and the employee at deadline
  • Useful charts and overviews of agreements to support the follow-up
  • Full confidentiality
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Competence web Assess your employees in relation to the strategic skills of the organisation, and get a clear visual basis for focusing on where the organisation is most in need of development.
  • First of all the strategic competences are entered into the system
  • With just a few clicks, invite the employees to score themselves
  • Enter the desired level for the team and for the individual employee
  • A useful chart can be printed out to be used during the interview with the employee
  • Clear focus on gaps that need to be closed
  • Agreements are entered directly into the system
  • The system sends out a reminder via e-mail when it is time to follow-up
  • Dynamic process - so the competences can be adjusted gradually as they develop over time
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TDP Team Development Planning (TDP) covers all sorts of dialogues in a group - from the agenda and preparation to the follow-up with reminders!
  • Create an unlimited number of TDP teams
  • Manager creates the agenda
  • Everyone prepares
  • The manager can print out charts showing score questions
  • The notes of the participants are automatically merged with the minutes
  • A responsible person is attached to all agreements together with a deadline
  • Automatic reminders at deadline
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WPA The WPA module (Work Place Assessment) in makes it easy to perform WPA even in large and complex organisations!
  • Create your WPA organisation
  • Edit the questionnaire based on what is recommended by the work authorities
  • Send out links for answering the WPA questionnaire
  • Monitor the process online
  • Action Plan is automatically created
  • Risk assessment
  • Tool for the annual work environment dialogue
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Sickness Absence Dialogue With the Sickness Absence module you get:
  • a tool for managing the entire dialogue proces concerning sick absence (which may have a significant positive effect... cf. the case at the bottom of this page!)
  • the organisation defines its own absence policy with absence dialogue on certain days/dates during the absence – and then the system takes over
  • the organisation edits its own agenda for the individual interviews
  • the individual manager opens up a sickness absence, clicks the relevant employee and the process has already begun
  • the process may be stopped at any time by a single click
  • during the absence interviews the minutes are taken electronically including agreements and deadlines (as needed) – and automatic reminders are sent out via e-mail
  • manager and executive may generate various reports and statistics concerning absence dialogues per department, number of days absent, gender, age....
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Advanced CV The CV module makes it possible to create a dynamic database of the educations, competences, courses etc. of all employees.
  • You define the fields which are to be filled in
  • Invite your employees to fill in their CV
  • Maintain the CV in connection with the EDP and as needed
  • Generate reports on employee competences
  • Do searches across the organisation
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Competence development Take control of the processes related to skills upgrading - objectives, stakeholders, authorisation, evaluation and implementation. Get your money's worth for the sums you spend on further training with a good process!
  • You create your own process with phases and objectives
  • Authorisation phase with fixed steps
  • Preparation of objectives and stakeholders
  • The system keeps track of when your employee is away
  • Course evaluation
  • Reminder on implementation activities
  • Search across the organisation
  • The learning organisation in practice!!
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360 degrees manager evaluation Simple and effective way of carrying out the 360 degrees manager evaluation with automatic processes.

You decide which overall categories and sub-questions you want to evaluate the manager on.

There are 3 key persons who are part of the evaluation in this module:

  • Central Person, the person in the middle
  • The person responsible for the process
  • The person responsible for the report of the content

The system is set up to contain replies from the following groups:

  • The Central Person's manager
  • The Central Person's employees
  • The Central Person's managerial colleagues
  • External as well as internal business associates – although this isn't a must!
  • And naturally the Central Person.
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Onboarding Help to manage a good process from the contract to the first months of the employment.

It is helpful in organizing the entire process from a new employee is employed - until he or she starts work and the person is well in the first 2-3 months.
There are a number of help features to get started with new employees.

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Offboarding Help ensure good learning from those who leave the organization

Here is a new module that will arrive in the first half of 2019, which allows for the best possible learning from those who leave our organization..

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