360 degrees manager evaluation

Simple and effective way of carrying out the 360 degrees manager evaluation with automatic processes.

You decide which overall categories and sub-questions you want to evaluate the manager on. These are the categories that the report will be based upon.

There are 3 key persons who are part of the evaluation in this module:


  • The Central Person, the person in the centre – this is the person who is to be evaluated by means of the 360 degrees evaluation. Sends the questionnaire to the respondents in the different categories.
  • The person responsible for the process - sets up the process and receives notifications about missing replies from the respondents. Able to edit respondents.
  • The person responsible for reporting the content, an HR competent person who is capable of selecting and writing the notes that go into the final report about the central person, and who knows how to deliver them in a communicatively responsible manner. This person must have real competence to provide the manager in the centre with feedback together with the entire report!

The system is set up to contain:

  • The Central Person's manager
  • The Central Person's employees – at least 4 employees for reasons of anonymity
  • The Central Person's managerial colleagues
  • And external and internal business associates – but this is no must!
  • And naturally also the Central Person.

When all these groups evaluate the manager on the basis of the same questions in the same main categories, we will achieve the unique 360 degrees perspective that enables the manager to see how his or her own evaluation corresponds to the evaluation from superiors, peers, subordinates and business associates.


The 360 degrees manager evaluation is an extremely powerful evaluation tool that requires follow-up and a will to work long term with the development of the Central Person's competencies. Therefore, we recommend that the evaluation is done more than once, so that the Central Persons gets the possibility of working with his or her behaviour and to "reap the benefits" in the form of better results in future evaluations.


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