Competence development

Supporting the good training process, where the employee and the manager can set an objective for the course, evaluate the training and ensure the implementation together with the stakeholders. Everything integrated into a single, digital process.

Based on recent studies about where you can identify the challenges, when investments in competence development fail:

The competence development module enables you to create a fast flow around all further training processes. From objectives and authorisation to evaluation and implementation.

  • When a manager initiates a dialogue with an employee about a potential course, the course is created in
  • The system then guides the manager and the employee through the process of setting goals and identifying stakeholders all the way to authorisation – or non-authorisation.
  • The date of the course is entered into so the system will automatically remind the employee to evaluate the course once it is completed – and to begin implementation.
  • You set the date intervals for this flow yourself, but there is also a thoroughly tested flow to use as a basis.

 So, with this module you'll receive simple and clear support for running well thought-out training and competence improvement processes:

  • BEFORE: to improve the basis of decision before anything is authorised - and to begin setting milestones and success criteria even at this point, and to look at factors that may impede successful implementation when it comes to that
  • DURING: to follow the employee during the course
  • AFTER: to make a thorough and operational implementation plan, that involves the department and which transfers individual knowledge into collective knowledge

And through it all, you will receive the same sort of help which is also available in the other modules on

As a manager, you can

  • create agreements, which are included in clear overviews for the manager
  • set deadlines with automatic reminders
  • do follow-up on all levels
  • get inspiration and help from other corners of the organisation, as you can search through the system for other managers in your organisation, who has also worked with diploma programmes for an employee etc.

As an employee you can

  • see all concluded agreements
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