Competence Web

Assess the competence level of your department in relation to the strategically important competences - and generate a chart which shows the competence gaps which you need to close. For the team as well as individually.

The competence web is an effective way of making visible the strategic competence needs of the organisation. The manager defines the desired level for each competence, the actual competences of the employees are measured - and the system will show, visually, where special attention is needed.

  • The manager defines the competence categories – e.g. ”Professional competences”, ”Personal competences” and ”Managerial competences”. For each category you can define as many competences as you want to measure.
  • The individual manager establishes the desired level on a scale from 0 to 5 for each competence in the team.
  • With a single click, all employees are invited to declare where they believe they are on the 0-5 scale for each competence. When the employee has scored him- or herself, the manager can see the scores and use them to initiate a dialogue with the employee, which could result in certain scores being corrected if the manager has a different assessment than the employee.
  • The manager can also generate a graphic web of the average team scores together with the desired levels – and in this way it will be visually clear which gaps the team  needs to close. This allows the employees to prepare mentally for developing in those areas where the team needs to improved.
  • When the manager talks to the individual employee, the manager can generate an individual competence web containing a further two elements: the score of the individual in the web and the manager's desired level for the specific employee.
  • The competence web is used by many clients for strengthening the strategic focus of the EDP process, so that the actual interviews about competence development are based more on the competency gaps of the organisation rather than just the needs of the individual employee.
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