CV - Curriculum Vitae

The CV module makes it possible to create a database of all employee competences, educations, experiences etc. The manager can search for employees - and HR can generate reports for competency mappings.

The CV module makes it possible for you to create a database with employee competences, courses, certificates etc. The module can be set up exactly according to your requests, so that it maps the competences of your employees just as you need it.

  • You design your own CV template with the fields, you want the employees to fill in. Subsequently, managers throughout the organisation can do free text searches on all entered information.
  • There are different types of fields:
    • Text fields, where the employees can enter their experiences etc.
    • Scored fields, where the competence level of the employee can be scored from 1-6
    • List fields, where e.g. a number of courses or competencies can be pre-entered, so the employee can choose between the pre-defined elements.
    • Date fields, where the employee can enter when an item on the CV took place. This function can also be used for indicating the expiry of a certificate.
  • HR and all managers can search freely in all the CVs for employees with certain competences - and they can add filters e.g. for gender and age.
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