Employee Development Planning (EDP)

Increase the return of your EDP significantly through a systematic and strategically anchored effort.

Help for managing the entire EDP process: Editing the questionnaire > Sending out EDP questionnaires > Preparation > Minutes > Action plan > Reminders via e-mail at deadlines > Follow-up meetings > Charts and overviews for the management!

The questionnaire is thought through by HR experts and it has been used for 10,000s of interviews, but it can be adjusted 100% to fit the needs of your organisation. You can also use several different questionnaires depending on the department.

  • The questionnaire is created in all the languages that you want to use. Among the available options, the individual employee selects his or her language of choice.
  • With a single click, the manager sends out the EDP questionnaire electronically to all employees who will receive an e-mail with a link and an invitation to go into the system to fill out the questionnaire as preparation.
  • Before the interview, all employees must relate to the agenda and score themselves from 1 to 6 on a number of questions, and they should add their own comments to the individual questions as relevant. The employee will then share his or her responses with the manager three days before the interview, so that the manager is able to prepare.
  • Everybody is prepared when they show up for an EDP interview. This makes for a far more focused conversation.
  • The interview, naturally, is face-to-face – and conclusions and agreements are entered into the system from your PC or iPad before you take leave of each other. In this way you can avoid that the minutes won't be made for a long time – if at all.
  • Agreements are provided with deadlines and priorities – and on the day of a deadline, the manager and the employee will automatically receive a reminder via e-mail. This ensures that the agreements are remembered and that progress is being made.
  • The minutes are automatically filed in the system so that they are available to the manager and to the employee once you have clicked the Finish-button. Therefore, no one will be in doubt as to where last year's questionnaire is located.
  • As a manager, you can automatically see all agreements in one combined overview for all your employees five years back. You can sort, filter and do a full text search of agreements. Colour codes shows you which agreements lie at some point in the future, which have been started (yellow), completed (green) or exceeded (red).
  • It is possible to do follow-up meetings on the EDP as many times as you need it – and at each meeting you can set new objectives, agreements and deadlines, all of which are accumulated in the agreements overview with a date for when they were made.
  • With one click, all managers can generate a graphic overview of the responses in their own department compared to the overall distribution of responses. They are then aggregated upwards to the executive level as anonymous charts which can be used for comparing multiple teams: 
  • HR or the highest executive level can generate charts for selected questions across all departments – so you can even use it to do your annual job satisfaction surveys at no extra cost…
  • HR and the highest executive level can also see all agreements down through the organisation – without breaching the confidentiality of the conversation.
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