Ongoing 1: 1 module that supports the frequent development and operations interviews

This module supports frequent development and operational conversations between manager and employee.

The questions in the standard questionnaire provide a dialogue about everyday concrete goals and tasks and possible development in order to meet the day-to-day management of the tasks. It provides the opportunity to maintain ongoing status, exercise management close to employees and sweep any obstacles along the way before influencing day-to-day operations.

The module 'Ongoing 1: 1' can be used for every imaginable conversation between two people. It may be the interview between manager and employee. But also, the conversation between project manager and employee about a particular project can be addressed here. So can situations where a concrete action plan has been made or where a difficult conversation is needed. Therefore, it is possible to create own questionnaires that fit the purpose.

Module function

Questionnaire that can be customized to each organization, department and team

The manager invites the employee to the dialogue and sends the questionnaire for completion

The manager and employee talk together on the basis of the answer

Summaries are written and agreements made directly in the questionnaire, and a reminder date can be set on the agreement with automatic advice.

Possibility of setting up the process so that the dialogue is started automatically eg. every week, month, quarter, etc.


How does 1: 1 relate to the EDP conversation?

During the employee development interview, the dialogue about the employee's professional development is in focus. Here, we dig deeper into achievements, visions, well-being, collegial cooperation and general development.

The 1: 1 dialogue takes care of the directions for the future work as well as the specific agreements concluded at EDP. It is thus a tool for realizing the visions, so that in everyday life we ​​can work purposefully with the development - and thus the EDP can extend throughout the year.

'Ongoing 1: 1' can also be used as agile and frequent development talks between manager and employee. In some organizations, shorter employee development interviews are held several times a year. These dialogues e.g. could be supported by the 1: 1 module.

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