Sick absence dialogue

Set power to your absence policy. When an employee turns in sick, the system reminds the immediate manager about when to contact the employee - and what they have to talk about. Everything is documented and all agreements are followed-up by reminders via e-mail.

Setting the dialogue with absent employees in system. You decide your absence policy for yourself: how often should the manager and the employee talk - and which questions must they address. ensures that it is all digitally supported and documented.

  • The Sick Absence module controls the entire dialogue process concering sick absence – with significant positive effects (see the case at the bottom of the page).
  • The organisation defines its own absence policy with absence dialogue on certain days/dates during the absence – and then the system takes over
  • the organisation edits its own agenda for the individual interviews
  • the individual manager opens up a sickness absence, clicks the relevant employee and the process has already begun
  • The manager receives a mail from the system on the days, the employee must be contacted – such as day 1, day 5, day 14 and day 28. By clicking the link in the mail, the manager will be taken to the agenda for the specific day. During the absence interviews the minutes are taken electronically including agreements and deadlines (as needed) – and automatic reminders are sent out via e-mail
  • One question in the agenda could be "Are there any tasks or meetings, which it is necessary to cancel?” – the manager and the employee can then make concrete agreements in the system ”If NN is not back on Thursday, it is necessary to inform those responsible for XX meeting.” The agreement is supplied with a deadline, so the system can automatically send out a mail to the manager and the employee with a reminder.
  • Another question in the agenda could be "Is there anything we can do?” – here, it is possible to talk to the employee about any relevant healthcare schemes or other possibilities for promoting health and well-being.
  • The process is stopped once the employee reports fit for duty.
  • Manager and executive may generate various reports and statistics concerning absence dialogues per department, number of days absent, gender, age....
  • With our API, sick absence and return to work can be performed through a different system - and be transferred in real time to via the API. In this way you avoid duplicate registrations. Contact us to learn more about this – or read more here.
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