The survey module allows you to take the temperature on the well-being and satisfaction internally in your organization as well as measure the satisfaction among customers, partners, or other external parties. At the same time, action plans are being drawn up with specific tasks based on survey.

The survey module supports both internal and external surveys. This means that you can perform the survey for the current organization of employees in - i.e. the internal organization - or you can create external users and organize them manually prior to the survey.

You can e.g. use the internal survey for insight on employee well-being, while the external survey can be used for customer satisfaction surveys and surveys among partners.

When you do a survey in our survey module, you can create an anonymous report. Once the person responsible for the survey has given access to it, the individual managers can open the survey module and create anonymous reports showing statistics for their own departments or teams. The manager can use the group minutes to have a dialogue with the employees based on the survey and make an action plan in the form of tasks directly in Emails at the deadline ensure that you follow up.

It will thus be possible to act based on the survey itself.

If new surveys are made over time with the same question frame and the same respondents, these can be drawn up in a comprehensive report, so that it becomes clear whether the measurements taken have been effective.

As is the case in the entire system, data is stored correctly in relation to GDPR.

Module functions:

  • Select between internal or external surveys.
  • Use your own question frames or's standard versions.
  • The standard questionnaire framework for well-being surveys has been developed based on knowledge from management research.
  • The reports are 100 percent anonymous for everyone in the organization.
  • Create reports all the way down to team and department level.
  • Compare data across departments and time periods (if the surveys are made for the same sample of the organization and with the same questionnaire).
  • Give managers the opportunity to create action plans based on the individual surveys.
  • Write minutes and create tasks with email reminders by deadline.
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