Team Development (TDP)

The TDP module manages all aspects of team development processes.

The TDP module in makes it easy to go through with a team development process. The team can be assembled from across the entire organisation, and external participants may also be invited. Agenda, preparation, execution, minutes and follow-up are all set-up in the system – so the benefits are secured, and the manager will save loads of time.

  • The manager is allowed to manage all the groups/teams that are needed – and with each their own unique agenda, which you enter into the system yourself.
  • The groups are assembled by clicking on the list of employees within the manager's area – it is also possible to bring external persons into the group
  • The TDP module takes care of the entire process of inviting and sending out minutes to the right people
  • Everybody in the group receives a link and they must relate to the agenda before the group meeting – so everybody is prepared!
  • Possibility for scored questions or ordinary text questions as needed. Following the rating, a chart showing the average will be available to use as a starting point for the meeting
  • The minutes are written directly at the meeting by the manager. All the preparatory comments by the employees are merged into the minutes before the meeting, so a large part of the minutes are already written!
  • You can insert agreements with deadlines and you can choose an employee to be responsible – and deadline reminders are sent out automatically via e-mail to the manager of the TDP meeting and to the chosen employee!
  • The minutes will automatically be sent out to everybody in the group, once the meeting is completed by clicking the Finish button.
  • TDP is also able to manage cross-sector evaluations, talent development, employee meetings and management team meetings…
  • Manager and Executive will get a unique overview of the status of the groups – as well as of agreements and follow-up frequencies.
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