Work Place Assessment (WPA)

The dynamic tool for managing a WPA. The employees fill out the WPA questionnaire - and all action plans are available online.

With, a WPA is a simple thing to do. Create your own work environment organisation, give the WE organisation the rights to perform the WPA, everything is done online, action plans with e-mail reminders at deadlines ensure progress, possibility for individual or collective action plans and a tool for the annual work environment dialogue.

  • The WPA module is based on the recommend questionnaire of the Danish work authorities, and the organisation can adapt it and edit it for its exact needs
  • The WPA organisation can either follow your usual organisation (which is also used for EDP), but you can also create a separate WPA organisation.
  • The manager – or the work environment group – sends out the WPA questionnaire to the individual employees
  • The employees reply to the questionnaire online, and it is not just No/Yes, but graded from 1 to 6 (from a Big No - to a Big Yes) and so it provides much more precise answers
  • During the following dialogue about the replies – it is possible to make agreements, action plans, set deadlines with automatic reminders and to indicate whether the theme in question is a legal requirement as well as to make a risk assessment...
  • The agreements are combined into a total overview for the entire team, where it is possible to follow and change the status of the themes that require agreement/action plan: ongoing, completed, exceeded deadline…
  • For all elements in the action plan it is possible to set a risk assessment and a priority - and it is possible to send a case/action plan to another authority such as a building administrator.
  • From the top, the management and the work environment executive can generate statistics and reports from all parts of the organisation, so it is possible to see, in details, what the status is in all teams - with an aggregated overview of all agreements/action plans in the WPA area!
  • The WPA module also supports the annual work environment dialogue, which all companies must be able to document in case the work authorities stops by. Quite simple and integrated with the rest of the work environment tasks.
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