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We offer different packages to suit different needs

It is of great importance to us that the customers feels safe all through the process. Our support takes hand of the entire process and they won't let go until it has been ensured that everything is working as it should. Some clients might want an "off-the-shelf" system, where everything is ready for use. And some might want to do some of the configuration themselves. We handle the process in a flexible manner - through our dialogue with each client.

1 / 3License - the entire package! has been built so that you will get access to the entire package just by paying for one annual license. One license covers a manager or an employee involved in dialogue.
This means that a manager / employee who has a license is free to use all modules.
If an employee is only to have access to dialogue in the workplace assessment organisation, this will require a license, if they not already have a license as an employee in the main organisation.
The manager can divide their employees into the number of teams they want - at no extra cost.
If the manager's total of employees is more than 30, it will require an extra license for the manager.
One license is 363 € pr. year.

Number of managers Up to 30 employees
Managers with +30 employees More than 30 directly reporting employees
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You can buy setup and a course here below

2 / 3Setup can create the entire organisation for you with all executives and managers - for a small fee we can also create all employees, so you may rest assure that everything is working 100%. The client will send a list of all names and mails in an Excel template delivered by You can also take part in the creation of the departments and teams yourself - and you can create your employees in the system. You choose.

3 / 3Course for managers & kick off

Throughout the years it has been our experience, that clients who also buy a kick-off course for all managers get the best results with the new system. So this is our recommendation.

Let us have a talk about your options Let us call you. We will quickly find a solution that fits your organization!